Ship Industry (Export/Import) related Shortforms

Ship Industry (Export/Import) related Short-forms / Abbreviations

DWT Dead Weight
VLCC Very Large Crude Carriers
ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carriers
GRT Gross Tonnage
NRT Net Tonnage
COA Contract Of Affreightment
WSHTC World Scale Hours Terms & Conditions
AFRA Average Freight Rate Assesment
LTBP London Tankers Brokers Panel
FOB Freight On Board
C&F/ CFR Cost & Freight
CIF Cost Insurance Freight
DES Delivered Ex-Ship
GRM Gross Refinery Margin
GPW Gross Product Weight
RGP  Refinery Gate Price
IEC Import Export Crude
FIEO Federation of Indian Export Organisation
RCMC Registeration Cum Membership Certificate
DES Duty Exemption Scheme
DFCE Duly Free Credit Entitlement
EPCG Export Promotion Capital Goods
FTP Foreign Trade Policy
TPS Target Plus Scheme
EO Export Obligation
BCD Basic Customs Duty
BL Bill of Ladding
PLT Pipe Line Transfer
NOR Notice Of Readiness
VEF Vessel Experience Factor
SOF Statement Of Facts
OBQ On Board Quality
ROB Remaining On Board
UTI Ullage Temeprature Interference
COW log Crude Oil Wash Log
QCDC Quick Connecting and Disconnecting Coupler
ERS Emergency Release System
ETA Expected Time of Arrival

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