Oil Industry related shortforms

Oil Industry Related Abbreviations/ Short-forms

APM Administered Pricing Mechanism
IPP Import Parity Price
APC Advanced Process Control
F&L Fuel & Loss
API American Petroleum Institute
OMC Oil Marketing Companies
ARC Annual Rate Contract
CRC Cold Rolled Coil
CPA Competant Purchase Authority
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturers            
OES Original Equipment Service Providers
FAT Factories Acceptance Test
MSTC Metal Scrap Trading Corporation                        
WIP Work In Progress
FSN Fast, Slow and Non-moving
SDE  Scarce, Difficult , Easy Analysis
DOP Delivery Order Point
AMI Average Monthly Issue
EOQ Economic Order Quantity
ROQ Re Order Quantity
MRV Material Receipt Vouchers
MIP Material In Pass
MHC Material Handling Contractor
RC Rate Contract
PBC Pre-Bid Conference
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
WTI West Texas Intermediate
IHV India Hydrocarbon Vision
EIA Energy Information Administration
IEA International Energy Agency
OISD Oil Industry Safety Directorate

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