Campus Recruitment of Reliance Energy - 2009

Eligibility Criteria 10(60%) 12th (60%) CPI (6)
Branches allowed - Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Production
Selection procedure: Written test (45 mins)
GD (a panel of 10)
Interview (10- 15 mins)

Written test Questions (MCQs)
1. Which process imparts hardening
2.Kaplan turbine is which type of turbine
3. Coefficient of Performance(COP) of refrigerator and COP of heat are related
4. Laminar flow depends on
5. Topping Cycle efficiency and bottoming cycle efficiency are
6. Flow through pipe is maximum and minimum at
7. Classify turbines on the basis of heads(low, medium, high)
8. In Gas turbine which cycle is used
9. A numerical on velocity diagram
10.Find work done given nozzle angle and some other parameters
11.Which type of force acts in flange coupling and bolt when subjected to some situation (given in the prob)
12. A numerical where carnot cycle efficiency is given and higher temperature is given and asked to find the lower temperature
13.Torque and diameter are given and asked to find out shear stress
14.Blade angle, runner diameter, no. of revolutions given , Find absolute velocity
15.In a heat exchanger water will be hot and cold in outer or ineer shell - something like that
16.If wire insulation thickness varies what happens to conduction and convection
17.Relation between modulus of elasticity, bulk modulus and poision ratio.
18.How many inversions are possible with slider crank mechanisms
19.Corollis component of acceleration exists in which of the following mechanism
20.Data is given for discharge, power and something else and asked for which turbine it is suitable
21.How boiler are classified as primary, secondary on the basis of economizer, superheating, reheating etc
22.Al, Fe, water - in these how the thermal conductivity varies
23.There is a matching
Gas Turbine Brayton Cycle
Steam Power Plant Rankine cycle
two stroke engine marine cycle

24.Among the following which type of material is suitable for the Hot die Casting - Options :Ti, ......
25.When nut and bolt are tightened which forces will generate on bolt and tube

GD Topic
Child is the father of a man
Terrorism has no religion
Rational of Indian space adventure like Chandrayan

Interview Questions
1.They are asking about the Projects done
2.Questions are related to Steam Turbine, Francis Turbine, Reaction Turbine
3.What is penstock
4.How you design a blade for any turbine
5.Velocity diagrams of moving blade and stationary blade
6.Basic difference between Francis and Kaplan turbine

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