Campus Recruitment of MRPL - 2009

MRPL(Manglore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited) - a subsidary of ONGC
Allowed branches: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil

Eligibility criteria: Top 15 students from GEN/OBC and CPI 6.5 for SC/ST

They have shortlisted the students accordingly for the interview

Interview Questions (Combined HR + Tech):
1.Tell me about urself, strengths, weaknesses, future plan, areas of interest
2.What is Zeroth law of thermodynamics
3.Expand BHN
4.Why heat treatment is done
5.What do you mean by hardness >> strength
6.Draw Rankine cycle
7.Explain all the processes in this Rankine cycle
8.What is sub cooling
9.What is Boiler Drum and where it will be in the boiler
10.What is otto cycle and where it is used
11.Where Rankine cycle is used
12.What is annealing and hardening
13.What is submerged welding
14.The delivery valve is closed in both the reciprocating and centrifugal pump, pressure gauges are fitted what happens when motor is on
15.What are the different types of welding
16.What is soldering
17.What is Thermite welding
18.What is reaction in thermite welding and what are the types of reactions
19.Basic difference between slotter machine and shaper machine
20.What is indexing and why it is used
21.Name the parts of Centrifugal pump and where is the suction valve placed in the casing
22.What is soldering and brazing
23.What is differential gear box
24.Define Octane number and Cetane number


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