Mechanical related Shortforms

Here is the mixture of all companies and other data. In a short time I ll separate them to the respective posts.

ADA - Aeronautical Development Agency
EADS - European Aeronautic Defence & Space Company
LCA - Light Combat Aircraft
MAIT - Manufacturer's Association for IT
IEC - International Electrtechnical Cooperation
NPCIL - Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
CAB - Cotton Advisory Board
IETF - International Engineering and Technology Fair
SUV - Sports Utility Vehicle
UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
NLDC - National Load Despatch Centre
CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamps
AIFI - Association of Indian Forging Industry
ISS - International Space Station
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
DRDO - Defence Research and Development Organization
ICTs - Information and Communication Technologies
ATF - Aviation Turbine Fuel
LRO - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
LCROSS - Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite
FMRI - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CSIR - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
BATL - Brahmos Aerospace Thiruvananthapuram Limited
BTG - Boiler Turbine Generator
CIL - Coal India Limited
SPIC - Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation
SIMA - Southern India Mills Association
ONGC - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
MRPL - Manglore Refinery and Petrochemical Limited
IOCL - Indian Oil Corporation Limited
BPCL - Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
HPCL - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
NTPC - National Thermal Power Corporation
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineering
HPAS- Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering
EPAS- Electric Power Assisted Steering
EHPAS- Electro - Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering
LRAD - Long Range Acoustic Device
LEV — Low Emission Vehicle.
TLEV — Transitional Low Emission Vehicle.
ULEV — Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.
ZEV — Zero Emission Vehicle.
CI — Cylinder Injection.
GVWR — Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
VECI - Vehicle Emission Control Information
LDDT — Light Duty Diesel Truck
ISC - Idle Speed Control Valve
MHDE — Medium Heavy Duty Engine.
PC — Passenger Car.
SFI — Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection.
IAC - Idle Air Control Valve
CONV - Conventional Systems
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
MDT — Medium Duty Truck
LVW — Loaded Vehicle Weight
LHDE — Light Heavy Duty Engine
HHDDE — Heavy Heavy Duty Diesel Engine.
MHDE — Medium Heavy Duty Diesel Engine.
LDT — Light Duty Truck
LDV — Light Duty Vehicle
IVHM - Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring
WU-TWC - warm up- three way catalytic converter
ALVW — Adjusted Loaded Vehicle Weight
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
PCM - Powertrain Control Module
PERT - Probablistic Evaluation Review Techniques
CPM - Critical Path Method
CFPP - Cold Filter Plugging Point
PPR - Product Process Resource
PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
PTC - Parametric Technology Corporation
CAPS - Centre for Advanced Purchasing Studies
OEM - Original Equipped Manufacturing parts
RIS - Resorvoir Induced Seismicity
TMR - Triple Modular Reduntant
SUV - Small Utility Vehicle
MEP - Modular Efficient Program
DGS&D - Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (The central purchase and quantity assurance organisation of the Union GOvernment of India)

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