DN U-SPACE (Tokyo Motor Show)

An all-new proposal, more spacious mini vehicle with superior ease-of-use to support busy mothers

- The DN U-SPACE features a simple yet modern interior and exterior design
- The vehicle incorporates a host of features that provide outstanding convenience: large, pillar-in sliding front and rear doors with hands-free opening and closing functions, interior walk-through enabled by a tip-up front passenger seat, and panoramic front-seat views
- The vehicle features a 660 cc gasoline engine powertrain

- The DN PRO CARGO inherits the outstanding ease-of-use of the Midget which was utilized in a wide range of industries following its launch in 1957
- The vehicle’s low, flat floor makes for easy ingress and egress for both women and seniors, while the ability to walk through its vast, 1,600 mm-tall interior provides superb work and service utility
- The vehicle features a highly customizable multi-unit system that can be changed to suit a wide range of industries and uses
- Based on Daihatsu’s approach of making advanced technologies available to everybody, the DN PRO CARGO has been developed as a commercial EV that will partner the workers of the future

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