The Revolutionary New Umbrella - Kazbrella

The Kazbrella fixes many design flaws of the existing umbrella design.

Umbrellas have been around for centuries. Yet little thought has been given to improving their clunky architecture and poor usability—until now.
English aeronautical engineer Jenan Kazim claims to have invented an ‘upside down’ umbrella that has few of the problems of the conventional foldable intrument.
“This faulty umbrella design has been with us for 3,000 years and I think we can do better,” Kazim says an introductory video for his crowd-funding appeal.
The idea found immediate takers. The Kazbrella had a £25,000 (approximately Rs. 25 lakh) goal, which it exceeded 10 times, raising £265,397 (nearly Rs. 2.65 crore).
“Folding inside out, the wetside of the canopy is enclosed leaving a dry canopy to handle. Now you have a drip free umbrella,” the product website says.
According to the inventor, this saves you from the hassle of getting wet while you are folding or unfolding the instrument while getting into a car or your house.

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