World's biggest crane ship Pieter Schelte sets sail for Rotterdam

The world's largest crane ship, which is capable of lifting oil rigs, has set sail from its shipyard in South Korea for Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands.
The Pieter Schelte, which left South Korea on Wednesday, is due to arrive at the port for completion in December.
The vessel is 124m (407ft) wide and 382m (1,253ft) long - as long as the Empire State Building is high.
Designed to assist offshore oil rigs, it reportedly cost around £1.9bn ($2.97bn) to build.
The Pieter Schelte was commissioned by Swiss company Allseas, which specialises in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction.
It has been billed as the biggest ship in the world - though the title is contested.
Unlike oil tankers or container vessels, crane ships specialise in lifting heavy loads and often assist in offshore construction.
In partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, the ship will be taken to Maasvlakte 2, an extension of the port, where a special pit has been drained to house the vessel.
After its completion, it will sail to the South Stream project in the Black Sea to lay pipelines there.
The ship will be used to install and remove offshore oil and gas rigs as well as to lay pipes.

Source - BBC News

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