Project Ideas / Topics for Mechanical Engineers

1. A battery charging shoe/ sandal - Use the energy during walk to charge your re-chargeable batteries
2. A cooking equipment - Select the item you would like to cook and provide the necessary inputs such as salt, sugar, ghee, oil etc in the trays / buckets of the machine. After the required time you get your item ready whether it is a fry or a curry or boiled items etc.
3. Auto Train Ticket allotment for RAC seats based on a ticket punching machine installed in the coaches. The ticket will have a barcode or a unique number that needs to be entered after entering into the train. Based on the auto check availability the seats will be allotted.
4. Garbage collection from Railway Tracks - Firstly Install garbage collection points inside the train and secondly the last compartment of the train may have a special system to attract / collect all the garbage being thrown out of the train by some vacuum sucking arrangement.
5. Go Green - Tree plantation across the road and rail tracks with sufficient distance to avoid any tree falling during cyclone.
6. Auto rail coach cleaning once the train enter the garage through robotic arms similar to a car water washing.
7. Advance Rain water harvesting system - Drill the earth with small bore pipes that has puncture holes all across its surface and these pipes are to be installed all across the river water streams horizontally / vertically / with some inclination. Because of this arrangement the water flowing in the river stream will enter easily deep into the earth and replenish the ground water reserves.
8. Modern Railway Coach - Design a modern railway coach with all basic amenities, sufficient lighting and ventilation, self-cleaning surfaces and necessary electrical points, water bottle points, hangers etc.

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