New Mechanical Project Topics / Ideas / Brainstorming

1. Flexible Mirror - Roll a 6 feet mirror and pack it along with your luggage. As and when required unroll the mirror and use it.

2. Imagination Travelling - A neuroscience project to travel in your imagination and get the required things. For Example you have read a book and now you are unable to remember the required information then you travel through your imagination and get the required information. This is based on the fact that the brain is capable of storing all the information that has come across during one's life time.

3.Use the exhaust energy of an automobile for refrigeration inside the automobile.

4. A horizontal lift similar to a rope way that can travel horizontally with less energy in places where there is difficult to construct a road and also in places such as forests where the cutting of trees can be avoided. This can also be an option for tourist places.

5. Anti-Rainfall books - Books doesn't get wet or the content will not be lost. Books that can be used in heavily rain prone areas.

6. Innovative science city.

7. Villas in an apartment.

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