Question from Technological Fests

 Multi-Purpose Sports Stadium

1) Design a multi-purpose stadiumcontaining facilities like cricket stadium, squash court, gymnasium , swimming pool and racing tracks. You have to select a proper location where you can set up this stadium keeping in mind close proximity with local market. Since this stadium contains plethora of sporting activities it should be located in a locality where it can attract people of age groups ranging from 10 to 60 years old.
2) The next challenge before you would be to arrange these sporting facilities in a proper layout where the area can be optimally utilized.(Additional points would be given to those who utilize the area judiciously).
3) You have to mention the source of procurement of water to be used in swimming pool and mention the cost incurred in setting up of chlorination plant.
4) You have to mention the number of personnel you would be requiring in maintenance of gymnasium, cricket stadium and squash court and also mention the cost incurred in it.
5) Finally you have to have estimate the revenue generated by the stadium. If possible show the break even chart.

Setup of a Paper Industry

1) Suggestion of a suitable plant location and possible range of Products (try to include most of the products)
2) A proper plant layout keeping in mind all the auxiliary functions, machinery and material handling equipments. Give the plan view of the layout. (Layout should be drafted in AutoCAD/ ProE with exact dimensions.)
3) Cost Estimation, Costing and Pricing of the product with breakeven analysis.
4) The inventory structure and norms to be followed for smooth production.
5) Master Production Schedule (MPS) with current resources and projected demand.
6) List of all the raw materials required in the process.
7) Carve out the marketing strategy for your products keeping in mind various products already present in the market segment as yours.
8) If possible, certain raw material can be manufactured in the plant itself.
9) Sewage Treatment Plant or any Recycling Plant may be included considering the impact on environment.

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