Parts in a Pump and their uses

Below are some of the parts in a pump and why they are used for 
Inducers : used to reduce NPSH required or increase NPSH available
Constant Level Oiler : maintains a consistent level of oil in the bearing housing
Oiler Bubble Gas : holds an inventory of lubricating oil
Gasket : either soft of hard inserted between two parts to prevent leakage at the joint
Circlip : prevents bearings from moving into the bearing housing
Deflector : Prevents external particles entry into bearing housing
Serrated Rings : relies on mechanical grooves in the rings to provide additional pressure breakdown as liquid leaks across the rings
Shim : used in couplings to provide solid support and to achieve proper angular alignment
Lock Washer : to lock impeller and inducer ( or any two connecting parts ) and prevent thread from loosening
ARV (Automatic Recirculation Valve ): Minimum by pass flow control. This is fitted at the discharge of the pump. When the pressure developed is very less it gets bypassed and goes back to the suction surge drum, as the pressure increases gradually it raises one of the valve mass against the spring load and discharges the fluid. It also acts as an NRV (Non Return valve)
Back wear ring : Axial thrust is balanced by the addition of a back wear ring and holes drilled in the impeller.

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