Instrumentation related short-forms

Instrumentation related short-forms / abbreviations:
DCS Distributed Control System
MCR Master Control Room 
UCR Utility Control Room
ESD Emergency Shutdown System
SIL Safety Integrity Level
SRR Satellite Rack Room
PCCS Plantwide Common Control System
MMS Machine Monitoring System
T-N-C Trip-Neutral-Close
AMS Asset Management System
APC Advanced Process Control
CCS Compressor Control System
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
EMI  Electro Magnetic Interface
FF Foundation Fieldbus
GPS Global Positioning System
HMI Human Machine Interface
PID Proportional, Integral & Derivative 
MCC Master Control Centre
QMR Quadraple Modular Reduntant
RFI Radio Frequency Interface
RTIMS Real Time Information Mangement System
SOER Sequence Of Events Recorder
TMR Triple Modular Reduntant
SPT Sustained Performance Test
UPS Uninteruptable Power Supply
IRP Interposing Relay Panel
DART Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination
HPTC High Power Trunk Concept
FISCO Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept

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