Topics for discussions, seminars, projects ..

Following are some of the topics or areas for discussions, seminars, projects, presentations
  1. Class room sound filled system
  2. Forensic engineer
  3. Reverse engineer
  4. Brain Bran
  5. New innovation strategies at the time of economic downturn
  6. Titanium Dioxide based air/room freshners or air purifier
  7. How lime wash is more environment friendly as compared to plastic paint
  8. Properties of Limestone as a paint
  9. Improvement in combustion efficiency
  10. Improvement in Diesel engines
  11. Alternate fuels
  12. Emulsified fuels
  13. Hydrogen powered fuel cells
  14. Alternate power plants
  15. Carbon Nano Technology based solar Photo Voltaic cells
  16. High Pressure Air & Gas Compressors 
  17. Lub Oil Blending Systems
  18. Ultralight aircraft
  19. Solar Lantern
  20. Small turbo-charged diesel car
  21. Black box of a flight or Digital Flight Data Recorder
  22. Fog Cooling for Gas Turbines
  23. Floating Roof oil tank in automobiles
  24. Lead Free Paints
  25. Puncture Proof Tyres
  26. Sonic Laser

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