Small Projects/ Topics for discussions

Convert an ordinary bicycle into an electric bicycle with the minimum possible changes on the present bicycle. Work for the selection of electric motor and alternative torque transmission.

In the recent past so many terrorist attacks used bicycles for maximising the damage. What is so special about bicycle frames used in India

Centre of gravity and its influence on vehicle handling properties

Think of the situation when rider is not available to control the vehicle that the brakes are ineffective and collides with stationary or moving object. What are the possibilities of survival

New 2007 Honda CRF 250R light weight NiCaSil cylinder liner

Protecting cane from environment degradation, using cane for vehicle body manufactring as a green material

How a galvanised cold roll Iron sheet gets painted and a special protective coating of special material they use on car body. Is it green teflon coating

How to protect the front suspension from chance collision with stationary road obstacles, such that even after the collision the truck remians safe.

If the maximum speed of the bicycle is increased then what are the components are overloaded

How much can be the weight reduction of an electric bicycle for carrying you on its driving seat

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