Volkswagen and its Technology

Common Rail Diesel Engine:
Pioneered by Volkswagen, this state-of-the-art technology has become synonymous with the diesel engine. It delivers bountiful torque, outstanding power output and low fuel-consumption figures, From a technical standpoint, Volkswagen uses Turbo Direct Injection (TDI), to designate all of its highly sophisticated diesel engines throughout the model line-up. It even brings out the true colours of the machines, pushing them up to 103kw of refined thrust. This is what presses you into the back of your seat as soon as you put your foot on the pedal. It offers superior performance as well as exceptional fuel efficiency.

TSI Petrol Engine:

Turbo Stratified Injection (TSI) Petrol Engine offers significant benefits by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emmisions and at the same time were impressive for the superb power delivery. The sucess of the engine is in its 'downsizing'. Maximum power is obtained with minimum fuel consumption from a smaller engine. The reduction in size improves efficiency as there is less power loss resulting from friction and also reduces the weight of the vehicle.

Automatic DSG Gearbox:
The innovative DSG (Dual-Clutch Gearbox)offers previously unattained shifting comfort that blurs the well defined boundaries between automatic and manual gearbox with the comfort and convenience of an automatic, gear changes are executed without any interuption of the driving power. Automatic transmission ensures smoother gear shifts, manual mode offers optimum control of the engine.

Bi-Xenon Head Lamps with cornering Lights:
A special version of the Xenon headlights that allow a single head light to generate both high and low beam. And to that the cornering featur which swivels the head lamps around the bend based on the angle of steering and speed, giving you optimum vision on the road.

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