Gasoline and Diesel additives

General additives which are used for diesel and gasoline are:

Detergents ,
Corrosion inhibitors,
Metal deactivators,
Anti-static additives,
Dyes and markers,
Surfactants ,

Antioxidants are needed to inhibit the formation of gum, which usually is associated with the unsaturated hydrocarbons in the fuel.
Detergents are added to reduce the deposits in fuel injectors, the inlet manifold and the combustion chamber.
Surfactants inhibit the formation on deposits in the injectors and the inlet manifold but a different mechanism is needed to combat valve and port deposits because these deposits are associated with higher temperatures.
The most wodely used ignition improving additive currently is 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate(2EHN) because of its good response in a wide range of fuels and compartively low cost.
The anti waxing additives in commercial use are copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate, or other alkene-ester copolymers.

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