GD Topics

1.A Unipolar World spells disaster for underdeveloped countries like India.
2. Is Globalization Really Necessary?
3. What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?
4. Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy.
5. Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture.
6. What India needs is a Dictatorship.
7. With media publishing and telecasting trivia, censorship is the need of the hour.
8. Kaun Banega Krorepati is less about knowledge but more about money and personality.
9. Beauty contests degrade womanhood
10.The rise of regional blocs threatens independent nations like India
11.Six billion and one bronze!
12. Is dependence on computers a good thing?
13. Should the public sector be privatized?
14. China and India are similar nations with contrasting ways
15.Is India a Soft Nation?
16.Value based politics is the need of the hour
17.Religion should not be mixed with politics
18.How to deal with high oil prices
19.Our cricketers are not to blame for match fixing
20.Why cant we be world players in industry as we are in software?
21. Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise?
22. Should there be limits on artistic freedom (the controversy on Fire).
23. Should there be private universities?
24. Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture?
25.Are Big Dams Necessary?
26.Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
27.A Gandhian State selling liquor is an anomaly
28.Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.
29.Our Culture is Decaying
30.We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
31.The education system needs serious reforms
32.The impact of MTV on our psyche
33.Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.
34.Let us legalise gambling Management Topics:
35.Is management an art or a science?
36.The Rush for MBA is really a rush for big money
37.Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion
38.The objective of Management is to maximise profits
39.Do professional managers have a chance in our family run businesses?
40.The Internet is an exercise in hype
41.Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?
42.Family owned business vs professionally run businesses
43.Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.
44.Dot com or doubt com?

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