GD Topics from various areas

1.US war on iraq-justified or not.
2. Role of UN in peacekeeping.
3. Position of Women in India compared to other nations. 4. Environment Management.
5. Is China better than India in software?
6.Should SONIA gandhi be made the PM
7. BPOs in INDIA 8. Govt contribution to IT
9. Will punch lines rule the Advt
10. premarital sex
11. is china a threat to Indian industry 12. india or west , which is the land of opportunities
13. water resources should be nationalised
15. Effect of cinema on Youth
16. Education in India compared to Foreign nations
17. Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India.
18. What is the effect of movies on youth.(is it goodor bad)
19. Are studies more benifitial in India or in Abroad.
20."UN's peace activities" and "America's war onIraq".
21."Environment-Whose Responisibility".
22.Is China a threat to the indian software industry.
23.Role of UN in Peace keeping
24.War on Iraq 25.About Hockey being the primary game in India.
26.Can america occupy iraq
27.Cricket shud be banned or not.
29.Present state of Indian Cricket team.
30.Love marriage/Arranged marriage.
31.Advantages of Co-education.
32.How to deal with international terrorism.
33..Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?
34.Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?
35. Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience
36. Democracy is hampering India progress
37. MBA in India is highly overrated.
38. Religion is a private affair and should be of no concern for the state
39. Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the need of the hour
40. Reserving seats for women in Panchayat has not only been a farce but has distracted from developing a more genuine voice of women.
41. Have the nuclear tests of 1998 benefited or harmed India?
42. Voters, not, political parties are responsible for the criminalization of politics.
43. The voters are required to be well informed and educated about their candidates so that they can elect the right aspirant by their own assessment.
44. India should go for the presidential form of democracy.
45.The Wheel is Turning Round and Round
46.If I was the Finance Minister/Prime Minister
47.There is no right way to do a wrong thing
48.Group Task: How can we have Mount Everest in India?
49. Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?
50. When I woke up in the morning I saw…
51.A ship docked in harbor cannot face the storms
52.Up the Down Staircase
53.Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones
54.Marriage is a social trap

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