Quotes on Mechanical

"Thermodynamics is the only physical theory of universal content which, within the framework of the applicability of its basic concepts, I am convinced will never be overthrown."
- Albert Einstein

"How much of our nation has been damaged by the magnetic pull of quick personel wealth which for years has drawn many of our fresh individuals into investment banking, public services and just about everything else, ultimately it has undermined our sense of reality and degraded our judgement"
- Paul Krugman

"Scientists investigate that which already is
Engineers create that which has never been"
- Albert Einstein

"Given the number of human factors efficiency and things we use, if human factors is based just on common sense then we must conclude that common sense is not very common"
- Ernst J Mc Cormick

The entire history of Mechanical Engineering is of learning from failure. The prima donna type of mind is useless in engineering . Do not under estimate the past - do not over estimate the future."
- Maurice Olley

"Safety and sustainability has to be inbuilt into the system at the design stage itself"

"A vehicle which has to move with fellow traffic of different types should be accomodative in nature"

We must make sure that every major Government investment plan is apraised in a scientific way ans will be known understood and supervised by the people. The more difficulties we have the more opinion we should solicit from various group
-- Chineese President Hoo Jintao

"One must believe in sciences. No technology is new or old. The one which serves our purpose is best and is the technology of the day"

"When a doctor commits a mistake an individual suffer, when an individual commits a mistake the whole society suffers "

"I am neither an Athenian nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world" ----- Socrates

"Small is beautiful" --- Schumacher

" Courage to think different
courage to invent
courage to travel into an unexplode path
courage to discover impossible
are the unique qualities of the youth
As a youth of my nation I will work and will work with courage to achieve success in all the machines "

"Quality is never an accident
It is always the result of intelligent
There must be a will to produce a superior thing"

Engineering Equation:
"Brillant Design + Broad experience in environment with problems + Passion = A movement to tackle complex problems with simple technology"
--- Amy B. Smith (MIT)

"Dont underestimate the past, Do not over estimate the future"

"The entire history of mechanical engineering is of learning from failure. The prima donna type of mind is useless in engineering."

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