Famous Mechanical Engineers

* Joseph Cyril Bamford - Founder of the JCB company, manufacturing heavy plant, and especially backhoes
* Keith Black - American high performance automobile engineer.
* Rudolf Diesel - inventor of the diesel engine
* Keith Duckworth - designer of the Cosworth DFV
* John Ericsson - Inventor of Ship Propeller[1]
* Henry Ford - automobile
* Yuan-Cheng Fung - biomechanics
* Emile Gagnan - underwater apparatus
* Henry Laurence Gantt - Gantt chart
* John Josiah Guest - iron production
* James Harrison - pioneer in the field of mechanical refrigeration
* Beulah Louise Henry - nicknamed lady Edison
* Hero of Alexandria - ancient
* Alfred Hitchcock - filmmaker
* August Horch - automobile
* Alan Kulwicki - 1992 NASCAR Champion
* Anil Kumble - Indian cricketer
* Frederick Lanchester - automobile and aviation
* Leonardo Da Vinci
* Ma Jun - 3rd century China, invented the South Pointing Chariot, mechanical puppet theaters, chain pumps, improved silk looms, etc.
* Elijah McCoy
* Andrew Meikle - threshing machine and windmill sails
* James Morgan - Applied Materials CEO
* Thomas Midgley, Jr. - He developed tetra-ethyl lead (TEL) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
* Bill Nye - (The Science Guy)
* Charles Algernon Parsons - steam turbine inventor
* Ferdinand Porsche - automobile and German tank designs
* William John Macquorn Rankine - fatigue and one of the founders of the science of thermodynamics, particularly in reference to steam engine theory.
* Richard Roberts - machine tool and machinery maker.
* Alfred H. Rzeppa - constant-velocity joint
* Osbourne Reynolds - prominent innovator in the understanding of fluid dynamics
* Igor Sikorsky - Inventor of the single-rotor Helicopter
* Javagal Srinath - former Indian cricketer and ICC match referee
* George Stephenson - Railway Engineer and Founder of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
* Robert Stephenson - Railway Engineer
* Su Song - 11th century China, first to use an escapement mechanism (see Yi Xing below) and chain drive to operate his astronomical clock tower
* John H. Sununu - Presidential Chief of Staff
* Dr. Victor Szebehely- Aerospace Engineering & Celestial Mechanics
* Dr. Andy Thomas - Australian Astronaut
* Nikola Tesla - Serbian Physicist, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
* Boris Vian - writer
* James Watt - Scottish inventor of the Watt steam engine that fundamentally changed the Industrial Revolution and considered by many in the discipline as the father of mechanical engineering.
* Samuel T. Wellman - various inventions used in the steel industry
* Eli Whitney - cotton gin
* Joseph Whitworth - mechanical
* Ludwig Wittgenstein - aerospace engineer turned philosopher
* Nathaniel C. Wyeth - inventor, chemical engineer
* Felix Wankel - Inventor of the Wankel Rotary Engine
*Yi Xing - 8th century China, first to use an escapement mechanism in operating a water-powered armillary sphere
*Zhang Heng - 1st century-2nd century China, invented the first hydraulic-powered armillary sphere, and the first seismometer device to detect the direction of earthquakes

*Ron Aguirre is commonly accepted as the first person to create a custom car with hydraulically adjustable suspension


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