Plasma Waste Converter (PWC) - A Technology required for the society for better waste handling

Municipal solid waste is considered a renewable resource, because its production in our society is continuous. Plasma Waste Conversion (PWC) is a unique technology utilizing this waste stream with a broad range of positive impacts to our economy and environment.
  • PWC is the ultimate in recycling since all organics are turned into energy and all metals and in-organics are fed back into the economy without the need for sorting or separate handling.
  • PWC provides distributed generation capacity. As a result, restructuring the National Power Grid to distribute the power would not be a part of the cost equation.
  • If utilized nationally PWC would provide about 70 Gigawatts of distributed generation.
  • This distributed power will fuel economic growth, help maintain cheap electricity, and reduce demand on natural gas.
  • Provides a significant decrease in Green House gases.

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