Latest Technology from Mercedes-Benz

NGT - Natural Gas Technology cuts CO2 emissions by 20% and pollutants upto 80%.

BlueTec - The multistage filter system which eliminates upto 90% of nitrogen oxides is synonymous with clean diesel technology.

Blue Efficiency - integrated vehicle optimisation measure which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by upto 23%

Hybrid - The perfect combination - an electric motor and an optimised combutsion engine together.

Blue TEC HYBRID - clean diesel technology combined with an extremely efficient electric motor.

F-CELL - An electric drive which runs on power generated by a fuel cell and produces no local pollutant emissions.

E- CELL : AN all-electric drive with a high power lithium-ion battery system which produce no local pollutant emissions

E-CELL PLUS : An electric drive with a high-power lithium-ion battery system charged by a petrol engine.

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