New Developments

John Crane has launched the world's first solar powered gas pump - Low Volume Pumping System(LVPS) can reportedly remove water from as deep as 3,280 ft with zero carbon emissions, making it possible to extract up to 150 million ft^3 of gas per day. This is mainly developed for the coal based methane gas fields.

KSB developed Level Control Basic 2 - a new cost efficient control unit for the monitoring and control of either one or two pumps. The unit detects the liquid level either via a float switch, an analogue sensor, an integrated pneumatic pressure sensor or a bubbler system. Depending on the motor pump, the pumps can be started either directly or in star-delta configuration.

PPE(Precision Polymer Engineering) seals designed for Biofuels

Gear Profile - Taocloid : which ensures a single point contact between gears which reduce noise level and improves efficiency. Used in internal gear pumps - Patented by Daido

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